Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Young Artists Spotlight Take II...

Ok so yesterday I began my new spotlight on up and coming "people you should know" or "people you will know...VERY soon" with Jon Redwine of 2085 Productions and everyone was really supportive and seemed to be ready and willing to read part II, so here it is... :)

Part II of my interview with:

Jon Redwine of 2085 Productions
Producer,Musician, Entrepreneur

Little info before we dive in...Redwine and his two business partners that make up the other half of 2085 Productions, have created an iPhone Application called iFlyp't...

Here's a photo of the entire 2085 crew

L to R: "Bobby Digital", Greg Lowe (manager), and of course Jon Redwine

Ok now we're ready to move's the rest of the interview :)

LoveJonesBlog: so the App? what is it? why'd you create it?

Redwine: iFlyp't is the 1st iphone app to allow users to customize there music in a unique way.
I come from a producing background and a DJing background and me and my partners where sitting with Will.I.Am and heard him say the person that changes the way music is distributed will be the next dude and we sat down and made a way for anybody to be able to sit down and legally experience creating their favorite artist's music and feel the excitement of recording something.

LoveJonesBlog: What did it take to get it up and running?

Redwine: I was in NY 4 days a week for like 2 months. It was crazy sitting down with every executives boss and being young and black across from 12 older white people and having them onslaught u with questions and legal jargon. We were smart and built an amazing team though

LoveJonesBlog: thats incredible. when do you sleep?

Redwine: a little bit i work for my self so the hours are shorter. I spend all day talkin with NY and all the people on the project and nite in the studio cutting tracks for labels and for tracks from labels I made that will be available on the application

LoveJonesBlog: you have a clone. im convinced.

Redwine: i wish

LoveJonesBlog: so in closing anything you want to say...put out in the open...?

Redwine: everybody should check out when it launches this week and the app is gonna be in the APPLE STORE SOOON so check for it and whatever you do in life make sure you dont get trapped in the safety of the check in the rat race and look up and attack your passions because the worst thing to waste is time because you can always luck up with more money... and iflypt is a social network too

LoveJonesBlog:awwww you're so positive

Redwine: always life is all about energy and you make your reality and control how things come to you

So there you have it...dude is mad cool and his WORK ETHIC?!!! Killing it...go support him and 2085 productions

Below is a video example of how the App works:

Hope you guys will buy the app and support the movement...I'll spotlight a new artist every week..send me any suggestions...promote yourself...let me know...up up and coming Fashion designer...I hope :)




Blogger jlove said...

Cool App. I need an Iphone asap. I would be on that all the time! Nice blog post/interview!

November 5, 2009 at 7:53 AM  

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