Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Young Artists Spotlight

So last month I spotlighted a few people I felt deserved some shine who are already in the business knocking heads around....names many people know...faces people have seen...well this month I'm doing something similar but (in keeping with my progressive mentality) different! I'm gonna take some time and give some shine to those up and comers in the game who you may have never heard of but will know all about in no time! The first person I decided to blog about is a young man who I am just intrigued by all around...and am almost certain has discovered the art of cloning because he cant be doing all these things as one person...I was amazed by his honesty, love for his craft and the eloquent way he answered my questions...and to all my ladies out there he plays ALL instruments and ain't too bad looking :)....one time for

John Redwine of 2085 productions

Producer, Musician, Entrepreneur

LoveJonesBlog: OK. So who are you? What do you do?

Redwine: Im Jon Redwine. Im a musician and entreprenuer that went to the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul. I studied Business Entreprenuership and Electronic Music Production. I was born and raised in Oak Cliff Texas and have become a globe trotter out of the quick expansion that my company has undergone in such a short time

LoveJonesBlog: So tell me a bit about yourself that people should know going into this interview

Redwine: Im young and I think people can have it all in life you jus have to make your own reallity.. Moved to LA with nothing and built a career and a company to facilitate what I wanted in life with NO MONEY and all intellectual property

Redwine: (....and Imma Alpha) off the record

Redwine/LoveJonesBlog: lol

LoveJonesBlog: So as a musician...describe your sound....and what instruments do you play?

Redwine: I play EVERY Instrument based on the western Scale. I'm a soundscaper and I'm cross Genre..last week I went in on a project I have on Def Jam then turned around and went to work on some stuff for Disney. I am live instrument based and usually am heavy with synths and guitars

Redwine: I have a production team called 2085.. it consist of me.. "Redwine" and my songwriter singer "Bobby Digital" and we been coming up on the LA scene and GRINDING... both me and my songwriter are both from Oak Cliff and if you're from Oak Cliff you'll understand how odd it is to come from there and do what we have been doing

LoveJonesBlog: Not from Oak Cliff but I'm from Detroit so I know the struggle

Redwine: indeed. But Dallas is a little different because we grow up with open racism. I've been called a "Nigger" sooo many times coming up.

LoveJOnesBlog: What can one expect from a Redwine track/2085 creation?

Redwine: 2085 represents the future of 1985 which is when Pop music and pop culture was at its peak with artists such as MJ and Madonna {killing the game} along side Earth Wind and Fire... lately I have been gettin comparison from alot of A&Rs to Maurice White from EWF and Jimi Hendrix in the production of 'The Experience' and also Timbaland and Pharrell so 2085 is def a new genre in sound textures as far as genuine touch on sounds

LoveJonesBlog: WOW those are big shoes to fill

Redwine: Definitely I grew up and still mainly listen to old GREAT Music.. I come from a musical background so Music has always been my confidant so My life story plays in my head and tracks strike up from Marvin Gaye..Donny Hathaway.. Jimmy Scott.. My frat brother Duke Ellington...Confunkshun...to Kanye West and this band out of France called Phoenix

LoveJonesBlog: Didnt know Duke was an Alpha...im a big fan (of Duke)...crazy

Redwine: Yeah main reason I wanted to become one. I actually can score music so that was a big thing to me... I write out sheet music by hand if I dont have my guitar or pianos or video camera to capture it

LoveJonesBlog: That is really incredible! When did you start with music full time?

Redwine: My Sophmore year in College when I stopped playing baseball.

LoveJonesBlog: When did you know you had to give it your all? What happened?

Redwine: When I was 13 and I couldnt express how this gurl made me feel but i started writing a song and it was soo easy and sounded good....(in college) I was tryna do everything in school and I had to learn that you only have sooo much of yourself to give so I had to dedicate to what meant the most to me and when I evaluated where my heart was at Music was my only companion besides my pham

LoveJonesBlog: a girl...lol...so im gonna get all up in your business before we get on to the App, ok?... fair warning

Redwine: lol...aiight

LoveJonesBlog: a lot of artists ( i can make this broad generalization since Im one myself) lol started out trying to express their feelings to the opposite sex...and most of the guys i know who are artists (esp. musicians) use their skills to get the ladies...guilty?

Redwine: i think everybody that really lo(i)ves music has to be guilty of that.. at this point in Life I live for the music and its the reason I'm alive.. and music is about celebrating the past and showing the beauty in what's to come and when it comes to human interaction on any level... when you want to bring someone in to show them who you are (and if who you are is an artist that paints emotion on an imaginery canvas in peoples heads) then you have to use that to SHOW someone who you are... so its an introduction to every relationship i have...whether business or personal and also the ending credits to some situations in life..

LoveJonesBlog: ending credits...love that...good answer

Redwine: thanks

LoveJonesBlog: ...but you could have said i play the panties off these women with my guitar

Redwine: lol

Cool dude, right? Well this is only Part I....Redwine goes on to explain the creation and promotion of his very own iPhone Application: iFlyp't in Part II of our interview...dude is a one man "i do it all" machine :) Part II tomorrow...hope you enjoyed!


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